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Why should TUM students debate?

Times are changing. From climate change to vaccination, we have entered an age where politicians and others do not anymore follow the best available scientific evidence. To ensure that science remains relevant, scientists do not only generate and disseminate scientific evidence but increasingly learn to present and debate that evidence with different groups of people. …

Toolbox Lehrerbildung – Eine neue Lernplattform für den Einsatz in der Lehre und für das Selbststudium

Die kostenlose Lernplattform Toolbox Lehrerbildung der TU München ist seit Juni 2018 öffentlich zugänglich und ermöglicht es, Unterricht digital und disziplinverbindend zu lehren und lernen. Die vielfältigen Materialien umfassen wesentliche Inhalte der Fachliteratur, Unterrichtsvideos, Anwendungsbeispiele, Videotutorials, dynamische mathematische Visualisierungen und Lernaufgaben. Diese können Einsatz in die Lehre finden und von (angehenden) Lehrpersonen in enger Anbindung …

Lecture Duration (for teachers)

Big courses at universities can easily reach several hundred, if not several thousand, students in the lecture hall, just for one course. In these settings, it is almost impossible to generate a highly interactive structure, or there is the genuine risk of chaos involving a discussion of far too many simultaneous voices. Therefore, the main option is to just deliver a lecture, which tries to explain the main issues in pure presentation/monologue format. In fact, this format is not as bad as it may look, after all it has frequently worked a lot better in history at universities than it is given credit for. However, one key issue is timing.